Commercial / Industrial


Star Scrap Metal Relocation

Research, Advocacy, Conditional Use Permit and Design Review. As result of a 60 year old business under eminent domain process by Caltrans due to 5 freeway widening in La Mirada, worked with 12 different cities to find cities that would allow this heavy industrial use in the properties that were available for purchase. Then processed the required discretionary entitlements in two of the cities, and found a home in one of the city’s that approved the CUP.


BAE Systems Pier 4 Replacement (San Diego Harbor)

Responsible for the research and project management of obtaining the Public Improvement Plan – LDR – Drainage & Grades Permit and the Plumbing Permit for a replacement pier for the BAE Systems, a Navy Contractor. Worked with the Port Authority to obtain all city and county permits and approvals required to demolish an old pier and construct a new pier including all permits/approval for grading, paving, and all wet and dry utilities.


Heritage Center – Menifee, Ca

Obtained all land use approvals, all planning approvals including a conditional use permit, all construction permits, and all utility designs and approvals. Project included a 3 story medical office building, a 3 story professional office building, a retail center with 2 retail buildings, and a bank. Total Square footage 148,000 square feet Project included a 3 story medical office building, a 3 story professional office building, a retail center – 2 retail buildings, and a bank.


Dogtopia Franchise, San Diego

Got the City of San Diego to lower the discretionary approval requirement for this franchise to operate in Prime Industrial Lands from a Process 5 – General Plan Amendment to a Process 2 Neighborhood Use Permit (NUP); then processed the NUP. Negotiated with the Miramar Airforce Base to allow a dog kennel within a restrictive use easement, and worked with the city to reduce the differential Development Impact Fees by 80% so that the Dogtopia owners could afford to open their doors.


Research on 3 Acre Commercial Site, Oceanside Airport

Completed an intensive entitlement research report that determined the most probable future commercial development on a site within four airport safety zones, next to a riparian wetland with a 100 foot buffer zone, within a A99 FEMA floodplain zone, and within a wildlife habitat corridor. This imposed restriction on elevation, max height, intensity/density, and airport and city FAR percentages; including a 50 percent open space requirement.


Oilseed crushing and bioprocessing facility in Famoso, CA

Completed research to determine all city, county, state, federal approvals for an oilseed crushing and bioprocessing facility. This included determining all CEQA environmental requirements and special environmental studies necessary. Additionally, this investigation determined what offsite improvements were required for the roadway, curb and gutter, and wet and dry utilities.