Commercial Real Estate Brokers Testimonials

“Have had the privilege of working with Terry Strom for several years. Cannot imagine going into battle without my entitlement sword and shield of Terry!” – Jeff Woolf, Practice Leader: Private Sector College/Universities & Financial Institutions at CBRE

“Terry is the guy to call when you have a deal that has complex entitlement and bureaucratic steps to wade through. His connections with the people in the development services departments across Southern California are invaluable and his meticulous reports help make sense of what seems like an impossible task.” – Bo Gibbons, Sales & Leasing – Senior Advisor at Pacific Coast Commercial

“We all know how challenging the entitlement/permitting process can be. Terry Strom recently expedited two parking variances for me with the County. He cut the timing anticipated for my clients in half with his connections, persistence and follow up and saved them a great deal of money. I highly recommend Terry!!” – Marc Posthumus, Vice President at Colliers-International

“Terry has a vast wealth of knowledge and experience. We have just started working together and he has already been a great asset to both me and my client. I look forward to a continued partnership with him” – Greg Nassir,Commercial Real Estate Broker at CBRE

“Terry is very detail oriented. He worked with several federal and local government agencies, as well as architect and civil engineer to define the potential development of a unique raw land opportunity in coastal North San Diego County. Give Terry a call for your challenging entitlement projects.” – Gregory Ozimec – President at Industrial Brokers, Inc

“Terry’s ability to make sense of and guide the entitlement and permitting process in a cost efficient and timely manner makes him a must-have for any development project.” – Travis Ives, Director | Principal Healthcare Practice Group, Cushman & Wakefield

“Just when you think you have seen it all along comes a real estate lease transaction that tops them all. This transaction required the prospective tenant to obtain a NUP (Neighborhood Use Permit) as a condition for locating their business in this area of San Diego. The feedback from the city was that this would be approved after all of the necessary documents were submitted for review. The missing piece of this puzzle was that after review the cost of getting the NUP was over $300,000. This was a small business entering into their first commercial lease and business venture. For most people faced with a situation like this “trying to fight city hall or change a city hall decision” the outlook would be bleak. However, this group found Terry Strom. Terry through tireless efforts worked through the maze of requirements and eventually presented a case to the city where not only was the NUP approved but the fees were reduced to $40,000. In addition to this type of work Terry has helped me, my team members and clients with guidance and evaluation on difficult deals where how you approach a municipality regarding zoning and permitting are critical to the success of the transaction.I highly recommend Terry for any and all issues that require additional city approvals such as CUP’s, NUP’s, permitting issues, entitlements issues etc.” – Brian Crepeau, Vice President Management Division at Pacific Coast Commercial Asset Management

Terry Strom of Strom Permits has performed in an excellent and thorough manner assisting is in processing several church and school entitlement projects. Terry was instrumental in helping to process a conditional use permit in San Bernardino where a growing pre-school desired to occupy a free-standing building on a church property in San Bernardino. We were impressed with Terry’s professional yet “bottom-line” approach in dealing with the city planning representatives. In another church project located in Riverside, we were confronted with suffering from the poor follow-through management of the selling pastor; specifically, in dealing with a fire condition affecting the parsonage of the church. The church leadership failed to repair the fire damage in a timely manner, and the city filed numerous fines and legal attachments to the property that interfered with a viable offer to purchase. Terry was very instrumental in providing the proper logical “pressure” on the city which enabled a significant reduction in the fines and the city’s release of the attachment against the overall church property. A successful sale resulted, which without Terry’s help would likely have not occurred. Terry assisted one of our clients in processing an amendment to a conditional use permit for a major church/school property in Chino Hills. Terry provided excellent input and assistance for the benefit of the Buyer of a $14 million major church and school campus. I highly recommend Mr. Terry Strom of Strom Permits for any commercial entitlement processing endeavor. He is thorough, knowledgable, honest, and delivers on time and within budget. – Tom Morgan, CCIM, Church Broker Duhs Commercial, Inc.