Residential / Multi-Family


Private Lot Subdivision – Fort Bragg, Ca

Designed how to properly break up a 20 acre parcel with one residence approved into 3 parcels with 3 residences approved in a manner that both maximized the distance from sewer septic tanks and leach lines to a local water district watershed, and minimized the environmental impact on that watershed. Worked with the local water district, the city public works and planning directors, the county engineer’s office, and the regional water quality control board to get approval for splitting up this lot and putting 3 private residences on it.


Custom Homes in the Temecula Wine County and Anza

Completed the entitlement, design, project management, and construction management for 4 custom homes (retail value at the time of approximately $ 4 Million) that I built (personally as the developer/owner) in the Temecula Wine County and Anza. In the Temecula Wine County, a 6,500 square foot home on 6.5 acres on a private airstrip and two 4,400 square foot homes on 3 and 5 acres. In Anza, a 2,500 square foot home in a private subdivision.