Church / School


Emmanuel Faith Community Church Master Plan & CUP, Escondido

Project manager on the development of a new Master Plan and redevelopment of the existing 26 acre campus where 10 smaller buildings will be demolished and 4 new larger buildings will be constructed as more effective replacement structures. Additionally, the site and parking lots were modified for better pedestrian and automobile traffic flow. As project manager I managed the architectural, civil and traffic engineering, and environmental work required to obtain the Conditional Use Permit for this new Master Plan.


Pacific International Language Center, Chino Hills

Managed the process and obtained a Conditional Use Permit amendment to expand the approved use of an existing church (Crossroads Community Church) to include the operation of an international language school on the church campus which was required by the buyer in this $14 million church sale.


Advocacy required to complete sale of Church, Riverside, CA

On a church project located in Riverside, CA, confronted with suffering from the poor follow-through management of the selling pastor; specifically in dealing with a fire condition affecting the parsonage of the church. The church leadership failed to repair the fire damage in a timely manner, and the city filed numerous fines and legal attachments to the property that interfered with a viable offer to purchase. Provided the proper logical “pressure” on the city to the City Attorney’s office and City Council which enabled a significant reduction in the fines and the city’s release of the attachment against the overall church property. As a result, the sale of the church as successfully completed.