Due Diligence Research Feasibility Studies


Emmanuel Faith Community Church Master Plan & CUP, Escondido

Project manager on the development of a new Master Plan and redevelopment of the existing 26 acre campus where 10 smaller buildings will be demolished and 4 new larger buildings will be constructed as more effective replacement structures. Additionally, the site and parking lots were modified for better pedestrian and automobile traffic flow. As project manager I managed the architectural, civil and traffic engineering, and environmental work required to obtain the Conditional Use Permit for this new Master Plan.


International Rental Car Agency Parking Holding Area Study

For an international rental car agency, analyzed the land use, utility, encroachments, and topography issues to get discretionary entitlement approvals, including a possible annexation, from three different jurisdictions (two cities and a county) to allow this international rental car agency to construct a large parking lot holding area to service its local retail car rental establishments.


Major University Relocation Study

For a major university, analyzed the required city, county, state, and federal land use and environmental entitlement requirements for several potential new university locations, and rated them by the difficulty, cost, and time required for the entitlements of each of the potential new university locations.


Research on 3 Acre Commercial Site, Oceanside Airport

Completed an intensive entitlement research report that determined the most probable future commercial development on a site within four airport safety zones, next to a riparian wetland with a 100 foot buffer zone, within a A99 FEMA floodplain zone, and within a wildlife habitat corridor. This imposed restriction on elevation, max height, intensity/density, and airport and city FAR percentages; including a 50 percent open space requirement.


Oilseed crushing and bioprocessing facility in Famoso, CA

Completed research to determine all city, county, state, federal approvals for an oilseed crushing and bioprocessing facility. This included determining all CEQA environmental requirements and special environmental studies necessary. Additionally, this investigation determined what offsite improvements were required for the roadway, curb and gutter, and wet and dry utilities.


Bio Fuel Faculty on an Arizona Indian Reservation

Completed a preliminary investigation that determined the most effective manner to obtain BIA (Bureau of Indian Affairs) and Tribal approval for a 10 acre bio fuel faculty on an Indian reservation. This included determining all NEPA environmental EIS requirements and special environmental studies necessary to get BIA approval for the land lease and construction of the bio fuel facility. This investigation determined what offsite improvements were required for the roadway, curb and gutter, and wet and dry utilities.


Feasibility Study for Pechanga Multi-Use Retail/ Commercial/ Entertainment/ Lodging/ Residential Property on the 215 Freeway

Preliminary design and feasibility study to determine the most effective method to build a multi-use Retail/Commercial/Entertainment/Lodging/Residential project on western boundary of the 215 Freeway. This required conferring with the county planning director to determine the theme and design that best fit the future goals of the county for that area. This included recommending that Pechanga purchase adjacent land to allow the theme and plan wanted by the county. Developed three alternative methods to get entitlements for the proposed project which included (1) CUP (most risky but least costly in time and money), (2) Zone Change and General Plan Amendment (less risky but more time and money required), and (3) Specific Plan (the least risky but the most time and money required).