Advocacy Projects


Dogtopia Franchise, San Diego

Advocacy – Got the City of San Diego to lower the discretionary approval requirement for this franchise to operate in Prime Industrial Lands from a Process 5 – General Plan Amendment to a Process 2 Neighborhood Use Permit (NUP); then processed the NUP. Negotiated with the Miramar Airforce Base to allow a dog kennel within a restrictive use easement, and worked with the city to reduce the differential Development Impact Fees by 80% so that the Dogtopia owners could afford to open their doors.


Advocacy required to complete sale of Church, Riverside, CA

On a church project located in Riverside, CA, confronted with suffering from the poor follow-through management of the selling pastor; specifically in dealing with a fire condition affecting the parsonage of the church. The church leadership failed to repair the fire damage in a timely manner, and the city filed numerous fines and legal attachments to the property that interfered with a viable offer to purchase. Provided the proper logical “pressure” on the city to the City Attorney’s office and City Council which enabled a significant reduction in the fines and the city’s release of the attachment against the overall church property. As a result, the sale of the church as successfully completed.


Star Scrap Metal Relocation, LA & Orange County, CA

Advocacy, Research, Conditional Use Permit and Design Review. As result of a 60 year old business under eminent domain process by Caltrans due to 5 freeway widening in La Mirada, worked with 12 different cities to find cities that would allow this heavy industrial use in the properties that were available for purchase. Then processed the required discretionary entitlements in two of the cities, and found a home in one of the city’s that approved the CUP.