Architect Testimonials

“I have had the pleasure to work with Terry over the last six years. If you’re looking for competency, reliability and knowledge, Terry is the guy. Our firm has used Terry’s skills from CUP processing to permitting on a wide range of projects. His inside knowledge of agency approvals and processes are unmatched. When we need to get it done, fast and effective, Terry is our sole source. I highly recommend Terry!” – Christopher Veum, President AVRP Studios – Architects

“In the time I have been directly and indirectly working with Terry Strom (since 2012) I have seen him play a critical role in projects of all sizes. From managing complex discretionary submittals and reviews, to negotiating timelines and project requirements, to holding agencies and their staff accountable to their commitments, to the management and oversight of the sometimes agonizing plan review process at local cities and counties, Terry has delivered. He conducts himself with the highest level of service and integrity, and delivers on everything he says. He is an exceptional communicator and is widely respected in the industry. I highly recommend Terry to any team that needs to navigate the agency process whether it be for the discretionary entitlement stage, plan review, or final approvals and occupancy.” – Michael Engel, AIA DBIA, Healthcare Director at Carrier Johnson + CULTURE

“It has been our firm’s good fortune to have become acquainted with, and worked with, Terry Strom for the past several years. He has assisted us with some very difficult and tenuous discretionary approval projects in jurisdictions beyond our firm’s usual familiarity. His research and recommendations have consistently been extremely thorough and well documented, and have been invaluable in helping us to determine the best strategy and approach to securing our approvals. He is a man of complete integrity, and one we would highly recommend.” – A. Lewis Dominy, A.I.A., Principal, Domusstudio Architecture

I have been working with Terry for the past 7 years, and have a great respect for his knowledge, thoroughness, and his ability to get things done. He has become my ace in the whole and is my go to person on several of my projects. He not only takes great care in handling all our requests but those of our clients as well. – Sherry Warren, Studio Leader at HED Design

“Terry diligently pursued the appropriate personnel, established relationships with city officials and agency reviewers, and processed entitlement documentation quickly and efficiently. His efforts resulted in a smooth submittal and review process.” – Philip J. Pape, NCARB, Vice President, FERGUSON PAPE BALDWIN ARCHITECTS

“Terry has worked as a consultant for our company for the past seven years. I cannot think of one time that Terry has not performed on every level. He has always been ahead of the curve and always done this in a professional manner. Currently we have a project Sharp Ocean View Tower. Terry is the consultant to the City for this complex project; CUP, EIR, DRC, Precise Plan. Terry has been on top of it all. Not only does he bird dog every project but he will give advice on how to process the project quicker. As an Architect the last thing I want to do is fight with the city. I have my hands full as it is. Terry provides the expertise to make the job go smoother. It is a pleasure to work with him and would recommended him to anyone (except my competition).” – Zane Wright Ely AIA, Senior Architect, AVRP Studios – Architects

“Working with various local jurisdictions can be challenging and often cumbersome for all parties involved. Terry’s diligence, patience, and expertise are a true asset to working through the submittal processes. I look forward to continuing to work with Terry on more projects in the near future.” – Tiffany English , CID, LEED AP, Director, Interior Architecture & Design, Ware Malcomb Architects

“One of the biggest challenges on a project for the architectural team is the entitlement process and document flow through the agency reviews. Terry worked very closely with our design team in a truly collaborative spirit to simplify the process and assist us throughout the entire design and planning phase of the project. NTD Architecture was very impressed with Terry’s knowledge and leadership and looks forward to future opportunities.” – Wayne Hunter, Partner NTD Architecture (Now a Principal at the Cuningham Group)

“We have had the pleasure to work with Terry Strom on several complex projects in various locations in San Diego County. Terry is one of the most organized and effective project leaders I have known. His people skills are exceptional and he knows how to drive a project while helping team members feel good about the process.” – Douglas H. Austin, CEO AVRP Studios – Architects

“Working with Terry has been a complete pleasure! His knowledge in construction along with his organizational skills makes working with him extremely pleasurable. Deadlines are key in this industry and we as we all know, getting fast, responsive information from Building Departments is often difficult. Terry navigated us through the various departments quickly and professionally. He would be the first person we would call for our next permit expediting need.” – Jamie Shirey, Project Manager at Clear Architectural Design