Real Estate Entitlement Due Diligence Research, Expediting/Processing, and Project Management of Land Use & Planning Discretionary Approvals & Construction Permits for Medical, Biotech, Commercial, Industrial, Residential Custom/Tract/Multifamily, Churches, and Private Schools though out Southern California

  • Terry Strom has led entitlement efforts on several prior and ongoing projects for Universal Health Services in Southern California. For a $428M hospital project, he managed the entire effort that included approvals from two different cities, multiple utilities, county, state, federal agencies, cell tower vendors, and manipulation of dedicated easements. Terry’s skillsets include detailed and organized management of communications with agency representatives, and he is able to hold them accountable to all agreements. Where agency requirements conflicted or representatives were in disagreement, he facilitated solutions that lead to successful outcomes and the projects moving forward as intended. Terry’s decades of experience in dealing with project entitlements, as well as his leadership, professionalism, and teambuilding expertise, all results in great outcomes. Terry is and will continue to be my go-to professional for my project entitlement need –Mike Engel, AIA DBIA, Assistant Director – Design & Construction (SoCal), Universal Health Services, Inc.

  • Terry is one of the most impressive project managers I have worked with in my 36 years of construction experience. Permitting is a critical part of any construction project schedule. He truly manages the permitting process and gets results. –– Douglas E. Barnhart, Developer, Founder of Barnhart Construction (6th largest school builder in the country before he sold Barnhart Construction to Balfour Beatty Construction)

  • Have had the privilege of working with Terry Strom for several years. Cannot imagine going into battle without my entitlement sword and shield of Terry!– – Jeff Woolf, Practice Leader: Private Sector College/Universities & Financial Institutions at CBRE

  • I have had the pleasure to work with Terry over the last six years. If you're looking for competency, reliability and knowledge, Terry is the guy. Our firm has used Terry's skills from CUP processing to permitting on a wide range of projects. His inside knowledge of agency approvals and processes are unmatched. When we need to get it done, fast and effective, Terry is our sole source. I highly recommend Terry!–- Christopher Veum, President AVRP Studios – Architects

  • The angel who saved us! Terry was contacted (through LinkedIn) when our company was being relocated by eminent domain. Terry worked tirelessly on our behalf on a project facing near impossible odds. After much work and dedication he helped us relocate and get our entitlements. Our family business of 65+ years would have failed if not for Terry. Needless to say, I would recommend Terry to anyone needing project management or entitlement assistance. We are forever grateful to Terry and can also call him a great friend.–- Zack Stein, Son of the Owner, Star Scrap Metal

  • Terry is a key factor in the success of many of Sharp HealthCare’s projects. Terry has worked with us on a Cancer Center, a Master Plan, a major 770 stall parking structure, a medical office building and most recently on a new $239M hospital expansion.  As a member of each project’s Design Build team, it was Terry’s job to manage the interface with local government and special districts on all required permits. We consistently achieve our fast track schedules, because Terry is “best-of-class” in securing entitlements. –– Pat Nemeth, Vice President Sharp Healthcare


Due Diligence Research

Entitlement research for commercial & residential real estate professionals and their clients to determine required entitlement processes and if the property can be used for their intended purpose.

Feasibility Studies

Determine all permitted uses for properties, analyze multiple properties and rank them based on ease and cost of entitlement; then based on the client need, the scope of the entitlement research includes city, county, stated, federal, municipal, utilities, environmental information, and the most time and cost efficient entitlement process.

Land Use and Zoning

Manage the approval process for developing legal parcels and tracts, subdivisions, easements, variances, etc., and the changing of allowable uses of land for development purposes.

Planning Commission/City Council/County Board of Supervisor

Manage the discretionary approval process for the design and use of development projects; such as Conditional Use Permits, EIR’s, Annexations, Design Review, and Plot/Precise Plan approvals, etc.

Shell and Tenant Improvement (TI) Construction Permits

Manage the processing of shell construction related permits from city, county, other governmental/municipal agencies, and utilities required to get permission to grade and build through to final inspection and certificate of occupancy. Manage the processing/expediting of commercial, medical, and retail tenant improvement building permits throughout Southern California.

Typical Clients

  • Land and/or Building Owners
  • Residential Multi-Family Apartment Complex Owners
  • Business Owners
  • Industrial, Commercial, and Retail Corporations
  • Commercial and Residential Real Estate Agents and Brokers
  • Commercial and Industrial Developers
  • Residential Developers of Custom Homes, Housing Tracts, and Multi-Family Complexes
  • Architects
  • Contractors


Types of Permits/Approvals Expedited

Land Use, Zoning, Planning, Construction (Grading, Building & Safety, Public Works/Engineering, Traffic), Other Governmental and Municipal Agencies, and Utilities (Water, Sewer, Electricity, Cable, Gas)

Conditional Use Permit (CUP) • Variance  • Major Use Permit • Minor Use Permit • General Plan Amendment • Annexation • Change of Zone • Costal Development Permits • Planning Approvals •  CEQA and NEPA Environmental Approvals (MND & EIR) • MSHCP (Multiple Species Habitat Conservation Plan) • Line Lot Adjustment/Parcel Merger • Tentative and Final Parcel Map/Tract Map • Parcel Map for Condo Purposes • Planned Unit Development • Specific Plans • Storm Water Permits • Substantial Conformance Review • Inclusionary (low cost) Housing • Traffic Approvals •

Army Corps of Engineers (404 permit) •  Regional Water Quality Control Board (401 Water Quality Certification) •  California Department of Fish and Game (Wildlife permits and Streambed Alteration Notifications), •  Port Authority/District • County Environmental Health  • County Air Pollution Control District • County Flood Control • FAA • Airport Land Use Commission • County Regional Airport Authority • County Hazardous Materials Review • Bureau of Indian Affairs • Building and Safety Construction Permits •

Grading Permits • Shell Construction Building Permits • Tenant Improvement Building Permits • Offsite and Street Improvements Permits • Encroachment Permits • Potable & Recycled/Reclaimed Water Permits • Sewer  • Public Works Approvals/Permits • Electrical, Telephone, Cable, & Gas Utility Designs and Approvals • Right of Way Permits • Fire Department Permits • State Child Care Center Licensing •Community Facility Districts &Subdivision Agreements • Street Lighting & Landscape Maintenance Agreements • Neighborhood Outreach Programs • Community Planning Groups