Terry Strom – The Real Estate Entitlement Consultant

Purchasing property without the appropriate due diligence research to determine the permitted uses for the property, if a property can be used for a specific purposes, and the time and costs associated with entitling the property can lead to costly mistakes for commercial and residential real estate professionals and their clients.

The process of obtaining discretionary land use and planning approvals; grading, building, and other construction related permits; utility approvals/permits; and entitlements from other governmental/municipal agencies for commercial shell/tenant improvements construction and residential track/multi-family construction projects can be an overwhelming and time consuming task; and if these approvals and permits are not issued in a timely basis, the schedule, and consequently the budget of the project can increase significantly.

Strom Entitlement-Permitting Project Management can complete this due diligence/feasibility research and manage the entitlement/permitting process. Strom uses proven leadership, persuasion, technical expertise, team building, and communication skills to complete the research and lock in time and cost commitments for the land use, planning, and/or construction permitting phase of your project.

Terry Strom, has a verifiable track record of entitling projects in 1/3 to 1/2 less than the average time requirement. He has over 25 years of experience managing the entitlement, design, and construction of capital improvement/development projects both in the private and public sectors.  In additional to this hands-on experience, Mr. Strom comes well-credentialed with a registered Civil Engineer designation, an MBA from USC, Masters of Public Administration from National University, and certificates in Land Use and Environmental Planning from UC Riverside and Real Estate Finance, Investments, and Development Program from the University of San Diego. However, most importantly, Terry aggressively pursues the due diligence research and project entitlement and permitting requirements while maintaining a cooperative and respectful relationship with each agency.


Types of Permits/Approvals Expedited

Land Use, Zoning, Planning, Construction (Grading, Building & Safety, Public Works/Engineering, Traffic), Other Governmental and Municipal Agencies, and Utilities (Water, Sewer, Electricity, Cable, Gas)

Conditional Use Permit (CUP) • Variance  • Major Use Permit • Minor Use Permit • General Plan Amendment • Annexation • Change of Zone • Costal Development Permits • Planning Approvals •  CEQA and NEPA Environmental Approvals (MND & EIR) • MSHCP (Multiple Species Habitat Conservation Plan) • Line Lot Adjustment/Parcel Merger • Tentative and Final Parcel Map/Tract Map • Parcel Map for Condo Purposes • Planned Unit Development • Specific Plans • Storm Water Permits • Substantial Conformance Review • Inclusionary (low cost) Housing • Traffic Approvals •

Army Corps of Engineers (404 permit) •  Regional Water Quality Control Board (401 Water Quality Certification) •  California Department of Fish and Game (Wildlife permits and Streambed Alteration Notifications), •  Port Authority/District • County Environmental Health  • County Air Pollution Control District • County Flood Control • FAA • Airport Land Use Commission • County Regional Airport Authority • County Hazardous Materials Review • Bureau of Indian Affairs • Building and Safety Construction Permits •

Grading Permits • Shell Construction Building Permits • Tenant Improvement Building Permits • Offsite and Street Improvements Permits • Encroachment Permits • Potable & Recycled/Reclaimed Water Permits • Sewer  • Public Works Approvals/Permits • Electrical, Telephone, Cable, & Gas Utility Designs and Approvals • Right of Way Permits • Fire Department Permits • State Child Care Center Licensing •Community Facility Districts &Subdivision Agreements • Street Lighting & Landscape Maintenance Agreements • Neighborhood Outreach Programs • Community Planning Groups