Consulting Skills and Services

    • During the due diligence period, we complete the entitlement research for commercial & residential real estate professionals and their client’s to determine the required entitlement processes and if the property they are considering purchasing can be used for their intended purpose.


    • We analyze multiple properties ranking them based on the ease and cost of being entitled, identify the most time and cost efficient entitlement process; and based on the client need, the scope of this entitlement research can include city, county, stated, federal, municipal, utilities, and environmental information.


    • Managing the entitlement process between our clients and the permitting agencies, we identify and establish professional relationships with key players within the planning and permitting agencies, encompassing all levels of employees from counter workers to engineers, planners, managers, directors, city council members, mayors, and county supervisors.


    • As the project manager, multiple formal and informal meetings with design team and agency personnel enable us to establish the most precise schedule, milestones, and permitting fee costs, resulting in a much more accurate picture of the time and budget requirements at the beginning of the process.


    • To provide an historical record, all communications, whether verbal, electronic, or written will be memorialized in an effort to increase the agencies’ accountability and commitment to the schedules and fee cost estimates throughout the planning and permitting process. During meetings with the agencies, challenges will be addressed, and corresponding adjustments will be made as necessary throughout the process.
        • Understanding that time is money, we manage the work of the project team by regularly interfacing with project technical consultants such as architects, engineers, environmental consultants, and project and construction managers throughout the process so that the project team can fulfill the agencies’ requirements in a timely and efficient manner.


        • In order to provide timely feedback to our clients, entitlement/permitting updates are provided in writing as well as in person at owner/developer meetings as needed to provide the team with critical information and deadlines.


        • Where different public agencies/municipalities/utilities have differing objectives and requirements, we engage in conflict resolution between the agencies for our clients in order to keep the project on schedule.


        • Finally, we will obtain all discretionary planning/design approvals and required permits, providing public speaking at public hearings as needed; and pull the required building/grading/offsite-improvements permits in conjunction with an authorized representative of the contractor.




Types of Permits/Approvals Expedited

Land Use, Zoning, Planning, Construction (Grading, Building & Safety, Public Works/Engineering, Traffic), Other Governmental and Municipal Agencies, and Utilities (Water, Sewer, Electricity, Cable, Gas)

Conditional Use Permit (CUP) • Variance  • Major Use Permit • Minor Use Permit • General Plan Amendment • Annexation • Change of Zone • Costal Development Permits • Planning Approvals •  CEQA and NEPA Environmental Approvals (MND & EIR) • MSHCP (Multiple Species Habitat Conservation Plan) • Line Lot Adjustment/Parcel Merger • Tentative and Final Parcel Map/Tract Map • Parcel Map for Condo Purposes • Planned Unit Development • Specific Plans • Storm Water Permits • Substantial Conformance Review • Inclusionary (low cost) Housing • Traffic Approvals •

Army Corps of Engineers (404 permit) •  Regional Water Quality Control Board (401 Water Quality Certification) •  California Department of Fish and Game (Wildlife permits and Streambed Alteration Notifications), •  Port Authority/District • County Environmental Health  • County Air Pollution Control District • County Flood Control • FAA • Airport Land Use Commission • County Regional Airport Authority • County Hazardous Materials Review • Bureau of Indian Affairs • Building and Safety Construction Permits •

Grading Permits • Shell Construction Building Permits • Tenant Improvement Building Permits • Offsite and Street Improvements Permits • Encroachment Permits • Potable & Recycled/Reclaimed Water Permits • Sewer  • Public Works Approvals/Permits • Electrical, Telephone, Cable, & Gas Utility Designs and Approvals • Right of Way Permits • Fire Department Permits • State Child Care Center Licensing •Community Facility Districts &Subdivision Agreements • Street Lighting & Landscape Maintenance Agreements • Neighborhood Outreach Programs • Community Planning Groups