Neighborhood Use Permit (NUP) Consultant

A Neighborhood Use Permit (NUP) is a review process for developments that recommend new uses, variations to existing uses, or expansions of current uses that could have a limited impact on the neighboring parcels. The purpose of the NUP is to determine if a development conforms with all applicable zoning codes and other applicable ordinances pertaining to the use, and add conditions to guarantee compliance with the existing zoning code.

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If you are overwhelmed by the complicated Neighborhood Use Permit (NUP) process, and you need it completed sooner rather than later, Strom Entitlement Permitting Project Management (SEPPM) – a seasoned Neighborhood Use Permit consultant, has the experience of obtaining many NUP approvals in the City of San Diego for several different types of projects, and can help you obtain your NUP in the shortest time possible.  Look at the testimonials for SEPPM from its many very satisfied clients, and contact SEPPM at or 951-970-7995 to discuss the process for getting your NUP approved as quickly as possible.