Contractor/Consultants Testimonials

  • “Terry is one of the most impressive project managers I have worked with in my 36 years of construction experience. Permitting is a critical part of any construction project schedule. He truly manages the permitting process and gets results.” Douglas E. Barnhart, Developer, Founder of Barnhart Construction (6th largest school builder in the country before he sold Barnhart Construction to Balfour Beatty Construction)

  • “RECON has worked with Terry on several complex land use projects as the environmental consultant on multi-disciplinary teams. Terry has always been a collegial leader, well organized and helps to keep the team on schedule. Terry is extremely knowledgeable about land use processing and he knows the importance of teamwork to keep projects on budget and on schedule. Terry has been a pleasure to work with and we look forward to opportunities to work with him in the future.” Bobbi Herdes, Principal at RECON Environmental, Inc.

  • “Terry served as a local liaison for a project we were permitting on the West Coast. He is thorough and persistent, and knows the San Diego market well. I will be using him again in the future” Neil Sanders – Site Design and Development Expert

  • “I’ve had firsthand experience working with Terry Strom, and I am very impressed with how he was able to take a very disorganized effort by the design team and guide it to success. Using his persistence, tact, deep knowledge of this permitting process and the people involved, he pushed our project though in a timely manner. He showed finesse in managing the people on the public and private side, the private side being a very disorganized design team lacking leadership, in a very professional manner. This effort was made on our behalf by Terry for our new Corporate Office in Mission Valley. PIT2 Strom! “Push it thru Terry!” has been an immense help. I would recommend Strom Entitlement-Permitting Project Management and Terry Strom to anyone looking to effectively navigate their way through the entitlement and permitting process.” Walter Fegley, President/COO of Reno Construction

  • “Thank you for providing your leadership and guidance to improve communication and team work for our project team for the Palmdale Medical Center project in Palmdale, California. You assistance was instrumental in improving communication and problem solving processes for this major construction development project. Although I did not attend your first facilitation it was obvious by the participation in the follow up session that your lessons stuck with the principal participants. The recall demonstrated by the team showed that they listened and employed your skills. The improvements on and off the job site also show the fruit of our collective efforts. Terry, UHS and I thank you for helping to improve some difficult relationships and construct a creative and productive work environment. I will call upon you again when the need arises.” William R. Seed, Director, Design & Construction, Universal Health Services, Inc.